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We are always looking for new opportunities and methods to further develop our service offering. Our company always keeps closely to our set of goals. We conduct our services with a manner of professionalism, providing great convenience, reliability, safety and solutions to all electrical and plumbing faults. KP Electrical and Plumbing aims to consistently improve the efficiency of all projects to deliver a service, which meets or exceeds expectations.

Plumbing Services
New installation to maintenance on:

» Kitchen
» Bathroom
» Conventional geysers
» Solar geyser
» Heat pumps
» Sewers piping
» Storms water
» Unblocking of drain
» Jojo tank
» Prepaid water meters
» Complete home or industrial plumbing with COC/PIRB.

New installation to maintenance on:

» 3 phase or single phase:
» Distribution board
» All types of Lighting
» Power points
» Repair to stoves
» Surge protector
» Backup Inverters
» Backup generator
» Change over switch
» Prepaid electricity meter
» Coc
» Appliance for electricity signal and 3 phase


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